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This page is dedicated to the wondrous Lord Eggo, King of all eggs.

Eggo jesus

Eggo himself has been among us for thousands of years, even being around since the creation of the universe, over 4 billion years ago.

Some legends have stated that Eggo himself is the one true "god" or "holy creator" and many scientists will lead us to believe that is also true.

Eggo exists only in the eye of the believer, and many dedicate their lives just to get a glimpse of eggo before they die.

Worshipers worship eggo by each day, bowing down and kissing three eggs. Once they do that, they smash the eggs against a golden framed picture of eggo. The most loyal of worshipers get to meet Jago when they turn 75 years old. Jago is a prophet blessed by Eggo in 2009. Since then, Jago and eggo have progressed, becoming engaged in 2010 and marrying in 2011. Eggo and Jago now appear together in many situations, and devoted worshipers often see them both.

Eggo lives in a castle in South Australia. The castle is large enough to house many conventions, and some of the highest world powers have attended, some for weeks at a time. His most recent visit was made by Tom Cruise.
Liam the alien

This is a historic, re-colourised photo of Eggo when he was given the good succ in 1997. Edit

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